Windsor, in general, lacks severely ‘bad’ areas, as a city with a very low crime rate. Many find this surprising given the city’s prior economic difficulties and proximity to Detroit, but four of Windsor’s neighbouring areas rank as the safest areas in Canada. Granted, they are not within Windsor itself, but they are extremely safe and are essentially free of any violent crime.
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Within Windsor, the richest area would be South Windsor with the Gundy Park area (North of Cabana between Dougall and Howard) ranking as the highest wealth. The rest of South Windsor is still very good in addition to the East End (generally the entire area east of downtown). Walkerville is also very popular as a more walkable community and more of an artistic presence. The only area that could be considered ‘bad’ by any means would be certain areas of the West End west of the bridge, although these are easily walkable, even by night (provided you follow common sense and travel in groups, etc.)
In general, there is very little violent crime as previously mentioned, although the usual drugs and alcohol can be somewhat prevalent, particularly in the West End.
The very best areas in Windsor are the very affluent neighbouring areas – Tecumseh, Lasalle, Amherstburg, Lakeshore, Kingsville – which have massive lakefront properties owned by the richest in the area.
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