Ever wondered how big is the white house and how much does it really cost to have a similar house or own the white house. We have the answer.

A Brief History of the White House

Like the country, the White House has a long and complicated history.
In 1790 President George Washington signed into law an act that declared the federal government would sit on 10-square miles of land along the Potomac River. A competition was held to find a builder for the White House, and Irish-born architect James Hoban was chosen.
Construction began in 1792 and finished in 1800. Since then each president, excluding Washington, has lived in the White House. Twice the building has caught fire, once when the British burned it during the War of 1812 and again in 1929.
But when it comes to the hypothetical question, we excluded the the White House’s historic value and stuck with cold hard facts.
At 55,000 square feet, the house at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue has

  • 132 rooms
  • 35 baths
  • 6 levels.

What Would the White House Sell For?

Jason Koitz, the certified fiscal officer and real estate strategist for The Koitz Group, came back with two numbers, a listing price and a more realistic sales price.

“I think just based on the size and location; the list price would be in the low $100 million range. It would probably be $110 or $115 (million). This would be an extreme luxury home.”
Jason Koitz, The Koitz Group

Realistically, if such a hypothetical can be called that, Koitz said the White House would sell for somewhere between $75 and $80 million, or between $1,364 and $1,455 per square foot.
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