The company claims the guesthouse can be built in 8 hours!

If you can’t find the perfect home, have one sent to you. A build-it-yourself tiny home recently posted on Amazon has been going viral and sold out almost instantly!!!
The Allwood Solvalla Studio Cabin Kit, a DIY backyard guest house that the company claims can be built by two people in just eight hours, is currently available for sale for $7,250. At 172 square feet, the house is made from Norwegian wood and transforms into an indoor bedroom and an outside covered deck when built. It weighs a total of 2,480 pounds and comes with all the pieces necessary to put together the guest house, with the exception of roof shingles and foundation materials.
The house that comes together is definitely small — the indoor room measures approximately nine feet in width and nine feet in height — so the buyer won’t be able to fit much more than a futon and a chair or two into the total structure.
The build-it-yourself home sold out almost instantly after being put up on Amazon earlier this month and has since been restocked. The shipping is free but it takes approximately 3-5 weeks for the crate with the contents of the house to get delivered.

While this particular structure is meant to be a cabin or a guest house, homes that measure less than 250 square feet is a serious trend among some who are struggling to buy a typical house.
Fun Fact!
Between 1908 and 1940, the Sears, Roebuck and Company catalog featured a section called “Sears Modern Homes”, in which a person could purchase a well-equipped full-fledged home starting at about $452.